Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans

"Whatever the reason, I find that with each passing Christmas the story of the Christmas box is told less and needed more. So I record it now for all future generations to accept or dismiss, as seems them good. As for me, I believe. And it is, after all, my story." So begins "The Christmas Box", the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together they discover the first gift of Christmas and learn what Christmas is really all about. "The Christmas Box" is a Christmas story unlike any other.

My take: 2.5 stars
At around 100 pages, this one didn't take much time at all to read, but I found the story to be flat, uninspirational and very over-the-top. Rick, the narrator, lack depth and dimension, and caused me to feel no sympathy for him in the least. The book was too short to provide enough background to make me invested in him as a husband, father, or businessman. The rest of the characters were, again, too hastily written to seem real. The music playing in the attic, the dreams, and the pointed questions from the widow were odd speedbumps on what should have been a lovely journey through hills, dales, valleys and mountains. Instead, it was a jerky start-and-stop.

Not recommended, especially since there are so many other wonderful and inspirational Christmas books out there.

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