Friday, November 8, 2013

J. A. Konrath Book Festival

My take: 3 looks

I have read the first six of J. A. Konrath's Jack Daniels series. That is unprecedented for me. The only other series I have read like this is Koontz's Odd Thomas series.

This is a no-nonsense murder mystery series. The bad guys are very, very bad and the good guys are flawed, persistent and extremely likable. I have read a few reviews that the series is too violent, but it is a murder mystery series, so I disagree completely with this. It is not a cozy series, and reminds me very much of the CSI and Rizzoli and Isles typical story lines.

All three of these were good. There was an arc storyline through these with one arch nemesis which wove a thread through these three, and I must admit that I was glad when the "Alex" storyline was over.

It was very satisfying in its ending and resolution, and I look forward to reading number seven to find out where Detective Jack Daniels is headed.


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