Thursday, December 17, 2015

Egad! But time does march on...

Where on EARTH has the time gone? There have been personal issues and challenges that I will not detail, but suffice it to say that I have missed the written word.

In my short hiatus, I have taken to rereading some old, comfortable, and familiar favorites. Jan Karon's Mitford Series always soothes an internal tempest. Dorothea Benton Frank's "The Christmas Pearl" is a delight at the holidays, and leaves me wishing I possessed some Christmas Magic. Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" reminds me that even at one's sunset, there is beauty on which to reflect.

As true as a lover's shoulder, as pure as a child's delight, and as enticing as a beautifully wrapped gift, these treasures never fail me.

As we enter the holiday season, dearest reader and friend, may your days be merry and bright. I will bring forth new reviews, new words with which to play, and always my own insights into this crazy reading world in the new year.

Happy Reading!!


  1. Jan Karon's Mitford Series - My father in law read that series and loved it!
    Well I hope you are well, or will be, at least!
    Merry Christmas Carmen!

    1. And to you, my reading friend! Challenges, for sure, as I suffer through the beginnings of "empty nest", and am preparing for the lost of one or both grandparents as their health starts to fail (at ages 92 and 94, no less!!). While all of this is the stuff of life, it is still a lot of mourning for a single heart.

      And, if you have not read the Mitford series, I highly recommend it. While there are a lot in the series, they are so easy to read and never fail to bring a smile. Plus, there are recipes!!

  2. I took a hiatus too, especially from the reading world. *sigh*

    I hope all is well with you. Sending you lots of love, laughter, and warmth this holiday season!!!

    1. Happy New Year, Vonnie! I see from FB that you have been busy in other (dancing) areas! The best to you in 2016.

    2. Thank you, Carmen! Same to you!

      Yeah...lots of great things are going on with dance but also with school (which I hardly post on FB). Being back in school is really changing my priorities and my mind set. I struggled to accept it at first because I did not like the lifestyle it was giving me and will continue to give for the next year-in-a-half. *sigh* But it must be done! I must have my teaching credential so I can actually start getting paid for what I'm doing. lol