Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Library Look: A library gone to seed (tee hee)

By Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-SentinelThe Little Turtle branch of the Allen County Public Library makes use of an old card catalog box by turning it into a free seed library. 

I LOVE the library! As a matter of fact, I would love to be the cool, edgy librarian who dresses up, plays characters, and lives a life that fosters a love for books in others.

So, I am always so excited to see libraries getting out in the community and making a difference in lives. In this case, the Little Turtle (love that name!!) branch of the Allen County Public Library system in Fort Wayne, Indiana is helping to feed people.

From the January article in the local paper:

The seed library is meant to encourage gardeners of all levels to grow their own, organic food at home for no cost. The library will supply seeds to patrons to plant at home and any food resulting from the seeds belongs to the grower. However, the library does ask that gardeners let a few plants continue to seed and that they return those seeds to the library to replenish the supply.

GREAT JOB Little Turtle!! By the way ... The Little Turtle branch was named after Miami chief Little Turtle, who was born near Ft. Wayne.


  1. Me again from the Guntersville Public Library. Wanted to let you know that we have expanded our summer reading program to include adults! We have events planned and opportunities to win prizes (primarily by reading!). Please pass this info along to your book club! Registration begins June 1. We'd love for you guys to participate and see what all we've got going on!

  2. Wow! What a neat idea! I wonder if this will work over here since we're in a bad drought. Either way, I really like the purpose of this!