Thursday, April 12, 2012

New books to my TBR

What is WRONG with me?! I should have been on my way home yesterday afternoon after running a few errands. But NO! I actually backtracked to see if the public library friends store was open. Alas! It was!

The Friends Store is a mess of books. It is literally a MESS of books. It is a building with 3 rooms (looks like a storage building on the outside) with book shelves on each wall and long tables in the middle of each room. The books are stacked 2 deep on the shelves with books on top of the rows and books stacked on the floor. Books on the tables are placed with the spine up (so you can read the title), but then books are stacked on top of these. There are also boxes of books under the tables.

But, if you like scrounging (and I LOVE it), this is the place to go. Books are anywhere from a quarter to $3 (for a really nice, hardcover, recently published book). There are religious, self-help, history, children, young adult, romance, mystery, travel and general fiction. They really do have it all.

I bought eleven books. ELEVEN more books! My total was a whopping $7.25. For eleven books. You can't beat that even at a yard sale.

But, I have just added ELEVEN more books to my self. Woe is me!

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