Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Love Recommendations!

I love me some book recommendations! That is, by far, the best way to build your TBR list. You can read reviews out the wazoo, but a recommendation from a trusted source will hardly ever let you down.

While at lunch this week, I ran into an acquaintance who spent her career as the librarian at one of the local schools. She made a point to tell me that she had a book she wanted me to read.

The book she had in mind is called "The Wordly Adventures of a Teen-age Tycoon" by Roger Eddy. This is actually an excerpt from his "The Bulls and the Bees". What a fantastic title!

The book was printed in 1971 by Scholastic, but she assured me that it is very much a book for grown ups. I was so intrigued that I added it to my list immediately upon my return home and went straight to the internet to find out more.

Well, let me tell you...there is precious little out in cyberspace about this book. It would appear first publication was in 1957, with Scholastic printing it later for mass market. Here is the summary (the only summary, mind you) from GoodReads:

Twelve stories humorously recounted by a precocious child of the 1930's who take a slightly skewed and often comedic view of the doings of those enigmatic adults around him.

Can't wait to read and review this one!!

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