Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Reading Challenge on Bibliophile

Vonnie posted the new Winter Reading Challenge for the Shelfari Bibliophile group and it's a doozy!! Here it is:

1. You read as many books as you want. Each book you read will be worth different points.
2. To earn points, you must read books that are part of the categories listed below. These points determine how many raffle entries you’ll earn at the end of the challenge to win the prizes. So choose wisely!
3. You must read at least ONE BOTM from December to February to be qualified to enter the raffle.
4. A book could be combined with no more than 4 categories.
5. Themed books are worth 10pts and could only be combined with one other challenge category. It excludes BOTMs. No more than 2 themed books per month.
6. All BOTM books read must have group participation.
7. You must create your own comment thread within this thread to keep track of what you read and what points you are claiming.
8. All books read must have a review under your personal comment thread. (Please no multiple threads. Keep it all under one; this means you have to comment on your own thread).
9. Have fun!

Read a book that is (a)…
- BOTM (Dec.-Feb.)= 6pts This is our group and it’s a must. Also, you must answer at least two questions from the discussion! I know…it’s horrendous.
- 500+ pages= 5pts Reading a huge book is just plain scary, especially when the world will end.
- 1001 Books to Read Before you die= 4pts The world is ending. Quick! Grab a must read book! Visit for the list of books that you should read before you die.
- Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic = 3pts Read these books to help you prepare if the world ends.
- Utopian/Dystopian= 2pts A world different from ours could be frightening.
- Suspense= 1pt The end of the world could be quite suspenseful!

Monthly Themes (10pts each):
*Maximum of 2 books per month. Does not include BOTMs and could only be combined with one other challenge category for extra points*
December- Read a book that has a seasonal word(s) in the title

What the points mean:
50-55pts: 1 raffle entry
56-65pts: 2 raffle entries
66-75pts: 3 raffle entries
75-85pts: 4 raffle entries
86-95pts: 5 raffle entries
96+pts: 10 raffle entries

Prize 1- The person with the most points will receive $15 GC from gifted by Vonnie(this person will not enter the raffle)
Prize 2- Choice of combined BOTM books from 2012 under $25 plus a bookmark gifted by Mimi.
Prize 3- Choice of 2 ARC books gifted by WonderBunny.
Prize 4- Mystery box of books plus swag from Vonnie’s collection.

*Also, a mini challenge will be given out once a month (a total of three). Be in the lookout for these since they will have a short timeline to complete*

I added the color. Fun, huh?! I will post later what my reading plan will be. Since I won the Summer Challenge (yay!!), I will not win this one; but it's the journey, not the destination!

It's a winner, Vonnie!!

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  1. Hahaha, "Peeing my pants..."

    I'm glad that you are participating and are really looking forward to it. I actually planned this back before the summer reading challenge and I tweaked it a bit right as I was posting the thread.

    I hope it works well and everyone enjoys themself.