Monday, January 7, 2013

Three From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes

The first novel in this trilogy-her acclaimed, hugely successful Two from Galilee-told the great love story of Mary and Joseph as never before. Now, in Three from Galilee, Holmes's fictionalized retelling of the life of Jesus covers a period overlooked by the Gospels-the "lost years" between age 12, when Jesus debated the elders in the temple, to the age of 30, when he actually began his ministry. With great reverence, she dares to wonder what Jesus did during those years, if he was like other young men of his time, and whether he experienced God's greatest gift to humanity-love. Using her remarkable talents, Holmes brings Jesus, his parents, brothers, sisters, and friends to life in a story that is dramatic, deeply moving, and unforgettable.

My take: 5 looks
I liked this book even better than the previous in the trilogy. While some fundamentalists may think it heretical, I found it to be very believable, tender and true to the Word of God.

Mary and Joseph have returned to Nazareth, to their families, to start their own family. The relationships are very real, from the sibling rivalry to the great friend of the family whom the children call "uncle".

Jesus and John's stories are thought provoking as familiar stories from the Bible are woven into the fabric of the lives in the book. Parables' beginnings are explored in a unique and wonderful ways, again making the stories from the Bible even more compelling. It made me go to my Bible to read the words of Jesus, as he told the parables he lived in the book.

The story is tense at times, however, as he realizes fully who he is and what his destiny will be. My F2F book club is going to read the third in the series, The Messiah, for Easter, and I am glad there will be a break in between this one and the next.

This is one that I will purchase, and I highly recommend it.

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