Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Bibliophile Summer Reading Challenge!

Time for the newest reading challenge from my Shelfari reading group, Bibliophile! That means, as the picture suggests, there will be an "all stop" on unnecessary activities until said challenge is over. ha!

Here it is:

Bibliophile's Summer Reading Challenge 2013!!!!

This summer, we are going to the beach! So grab your reads and join the fun!

Here are the rules:

BOTM to read in the sand- Read a June-August BOTM and participate in the group discussion.

Endless activities available to pass the time- Read a book with a verb in the title.

Amazing colors as the sun sets over the ocean- Read a book that has one of the sunset colors (blue, purple, red, orange, or yellow).

Careful not to overdue the fun- Read a book that’s 400+ pages.

Hot dogs, chips, or seafood at our reach- Read a book that has food on the cover.

This makes a total of 5 books to read for the summer, which earns you ONE entry in the raffle.

Bonus: Read 3 BOTMs from June-August and earn an extra raffle entry.

Challenge runs from June 1st to August 31st

Here's what you can win:
Prize 1: $25 Amazon gift card from Mimi
Prize 2: Swag from Los Angeles Times' Festival of Books from Vonnie
Prize 3: Handmade bookmarks from Wonderbunny

I won the prize for last year's summer reading challenge, so I will recuse myself from any prizes, but I love to participate and see how far I can get. 

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