Friday, July 6, 2012

Everything is all a jumble!

I did some redecorating in my kids' rooms this week. I had bookcases in each room, each with a different purpose for the books they held.

Chase's room had a bookcase containing books I have already read and have listed on PaperbackSwap. Jack's room had a bookcase of books that I have yet to read and are relatively new purchases. Strat's room contains a unit full of older books that I have not yet read, and another bookcase with books that I have read and want to keep.

When we redecorated, the boys removed the books and stacked them in the hallway and bathroom. Willy nilly. No rhyme or reason. Now that the bookshelves are painted and the boys have restocked them with books, there are books everywhere with no specific task in mind.

I went upstairs to find a book last night and my head fairly spun. On the other hand, I am actually looking forward to separating the books and placing them back in the appropriate bookshelves in alphabetical order.

How SICK is that? haha

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