Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

By all accounts seminary student Kevin Parsins is leading a good, if not virtuous, life. But like all people, Kevin has his secrets. And someone wants them revealed.

While driving home from a day at graduate school, Kevin receives a call from a mysterious stranger who calls himself Slater. Slater demands Kevin confess his sin in the next three minutes or the vehicle he is manning will be blown to pieces.

Thus starts a harrowing chain of events. After narrowly escaping his exploding car, Kevin continues to receive phone calls from Slater, each with another riddle, another consequence, and another three minutes to confess his sin.

The problem is Kevin is unsure of what that sin might be. And Slater's cycle won't stop until he figures it out.

My take: 3 looks
By all accounts, I should have figured this one out. It was twisty, yet familiar; shocking, yet predictable. That alone deserves three looks from me. I think I may have dated Kevin years ago. A mild-mannered man-child who simmers just below the surface. After reading Thr3e, I am glad I shed myself of him.

This was a very fast book for me to read. My eyes flew over the words without compromising my comprehension. I think that fully describes the depth of the novel. It is not Sherlock Holmes by any stretch, but is entertaining enough for me to read more by this author over time.

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