Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Club Meeting

(L-R) Patricia, Theresa, Stephanie, Mary Ann, Donna, Gail, Carmen
I am so happy to report that The Happy Bookers have agreed to start meeting monthly, as opposed to every two months! yay!

Last night, we met at Patricia's lovely home to discuss Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. Unfortunately, I decided to put this one aside for the time being, with the intention of picking it up again later. It just didn't grab me, and my TBR is too long to tarry.

As usual, the conversation was lively, and there was much laughter. Patricia had delicious foods for us, as well as a variety of tasty beverages. It was a very fun way to spend a Wednesday night.

Next meeting is at Donna's and we are reading NOS4R2 by Joe Hill, in honor of the month of October!


  1. How fun!!!!
    I once belonged to a face-2-face book club but I stopped going because it was a long commute for me. I have played with the idea of starting one of my one with my coworker or friends, but it's hard to figure out everyone's availability. The only book club that I do is the one I co-run with over on Shelfari, Bibliophile Reading Group. However, this one is more of me making sure posts are being set up then me reading. *sigh* Reading...I miss doing pleasure reading.

    Well, you enjoy your book club. It's great that you ladies are meeting monthly now and have the chance to eat and discuss wonderful things. Question: how do you ladies pick your books?

  2. How funny you would ask about book choices! This month, we decided that we would read a scary book in honor of the month of October, so we chose the Joe Hill book. Several members now have started and suggested that we read something else. hahaha! That is the sign of a great book. Anyway, we just throw out suggestions and majority wins. It has worked nicely so far.

    And you should start a book club with your local coworkers and friends. BUT, try this: Instead of reading the same book and discussing it, get together for drinks and discuss the different books that all of you are reading. That way, you can use the Bibliophile books for conversation, but get that F2F that is so very much fun.

    Let me know!!

    1. Ooh I like your suggestion of book members reading their own book. I know one of my local libraries has book club meeting once a month that does this. Unfortunately, it's always on a Wednesday when I get off work too late. I'll need to talk to the gals about this and see if they are up to it.