Friday, September 4, 2015

The Fold by Peter Clines


A brilliantly twisty, turny supernatural mystery from the author of the Ex-Heroes series and 14 .  The folks in Mike Erikson's small New England town would say he's just your average, everyday guy. And that's just how Mike likes it. Sure, the life he's chosen may not be much of a challenge to someone with his unique gifts, but Mike is content with his quiet and peaceful existence.   That is, until an old government friend presents him with an irresistible mystery--one that Mike is uniquely qualified to solve: it seems that a team of DARPA scientists has invented a device that could make teleportation a reality. But something is very wrong with the project. The personalities of the scientists who work on it are changing. People are dying. And reality itself seems to be...warping.  Mike soon learns that the machine is not at all what it appears to be--and that its creators may have opened a doorway to something horrible that lurks just outside our world's borders.

My take: 5 looks

Stop what you are doing, and read this book! It is a crazy roller-coaster ride!! I started this book at around 2 pm this afternoon, and it is finished at 9pm. I could NOT put this book down, and will tell everyone I know about it.

Mike is a brilliant man who teaches high school literature to keep a low profile, and keep his demons at bay. His demons? Photographic memory and a genius IQ. The government needs him now, and he bites off a LOT more than he can chew.

A combination of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, this book covers all bases, and does it beautifully!

Did I tell you already? READ this book!!

Highly recommended.

Thanks to BloggingForBooks for a copy of this book for my honest review.

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  1. Really?! John kept suggesting this book for BOTM. I shrank away from it because it's a new release. Sigh...I guess I'll have to go to the bookstore now. Oh dear... ;)