Thursday, September 8, 2011

Midwives by Chris Bohjalian


A talented midwife is arrested for murder when she saves a baby by performing a Caesarean section once she believes the mother has died--only to have her assistant insist later that the woman was still very much alive. Told in the mesmerizing voice of the midwife's daughter, Midwives depicts the aftermath of the tragedy.

My review: 3 stars
This contemporary story of a home-birth gone very wrong is compelling. The characters are richly drawn and much detail is given. Maybe a little too much detail. Around page 235ish, I started skimming much of it. I would have it enjoyed it so much more if it had been about 100 pages shorter.

I am not opposed to a long book, as long as the story supports the page number, and I think this one could have been edited. I will probably read more by this author, depending on the page length.

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