Thursday, August 16, 2012

Next three books in book club

My Wednesday night book group members were tasked with bringing at least one recommendation for our next book.

You know how that goes. One woman brought the book. Two ladies brought 2 suggestions each and two ladies came empty-handed. In the end, we had set our next three books. ha!

I love to be around readers!

Here are our next three books:
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer - I've read this one, but it was way back in the summer of 2009. I gave it 4 stars. Here is my review:
This book started slowly for me. However, once I truly entered the worlds of Juliet, Dawsey, Amelia and Elizabeth...I was enamored. And to feel these two worlds, nee, three worlds, come together was as sweet to me as any freshly plucked fruit. Presented as letters, telling the story of people, relationships, situations and trip to Guernsey was a lovely one.

Dogwood by Chris Fabry - I had seen this one on the Christy Awards list, but didn't know anything about it. Summary:
In the small town of Dogwood, West Virginia, Karin has buried her shattered dreams by settling for a faithful husband whose emotional distance from her deep passions and conflicts leaves her isolated. Loaded with guilt, she tries to raise three small children and "do life" the best she can. Will returns to Dogwood intent on pursuing the only woman he has ever loved--only to find there is far more standing in his way than lost years in prison. The secrets of Will and Karin's past begin to emerge through Danny Boyd, a young boy who wishes he hadn't survived the tragedy that knit those two together as well as tore them apart. The trigger that will lay their pain bare and force them to face it rather than flee is the unlikely figure of Ruthie Bowles, a withered, wiry old woman who leads Karin so deep into her anger against God that it forces unexpected consequences.

Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn - This is the same author as our first book, The Book of Hours. It is telling how much we enjoyed that book to add another by the same author so soon. The summary on Shelfari is sparse:
A dream interpreter is thrown into a world of espionage and danger when she inherits a book that unleashes the power of her gift.
Doesn't it sound good?

This group sets the reading pace based on the book. We decide initially how much we will read for the next week's discussion, then set the next reading amount, etc. It is so amusing to see how far we all get before someone throws out "Let's just finish it!" haha! More often than not, someone in the group has already finished it because she just couldn't put it down. We decided Guernsey would be a one-week read. :)

These will be a great couple of months for the group!

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  1. I want to be in F2F book club. I used to belong to one but the girls were very inconsistent.