Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Covenant by Naomi Ragen

Living in terror-torn Jerusalem, Elise Margulies constantly fears for the safety of her loved ones. Confined to bedrest during a difficult pregnancy, she happily awaits the return of her husband and little girl from a ballet recital, only to find that her worst fears have finally been realized. All seems lost until a phone call to her grandmother in America unexpectedly revives a decades-old oath, creating a force that transcends time and place, to rescue her loved ones. Over the course of five terror- and hope-filled days, the ties that bind two generations forge a potent alliance against contemporary evil.

My take: 4 looks
This is a beautifully written account of present-day Jewish and Arab relations. You see and feel all sides: Jews with no ties to their past, practicing Jews in Israel, and survivors of the Holocaust reunited after years apart. On the other hand, there are Arabs who are active and violent members of Hamas, their unsuspecting wives, children, aunts, who are true Muslims, seeking only peace, and those who are walking the thin line between the two.

There is love, hatred, family, traitors, terror, intrigue, death and birth. Highly recommended.

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