Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jeanette Winterson Likes Rabbit!

Social Media is amazing. It can help find missing children, reunite long lost siblings and make your heart sing when a Labrador retriever sees his owner after a long deployment to Afghanistan. In this case however, it can serve to harm a reputation.

Jeaneatte Winterson is causing quite a stir by capturing, skinning, preparing and eating a rabbit. All while tweeting the process. Nothing went to waste, though. She fed the entrails to her cat. There's a picture of that, too.

Why is this so outrageous to people? I can see if vegetarians are opposed to this. Seeing Thumper partially eviscerated is exactly the reason they don't eat meat. A friend of mine years ago told me that she would not eat "anything with a face". Hmmm.

However, what is wrong with everyone else, who eat meat anyway? You know what it is? They don't want to know where that steak comes from. They don't want to see the long, floppy ears that go into their rabbit stew. I get that, I guess. However, being harsh to Ms. Winterson online is a bit uncalled for. Especially if they are being so blatantly hypocritical.

Not one to back down from a fight, however, she meets fire with fire. Responding and retorting to the harshest, asking one person who promised to "unfollow" her if she read only vegetarian authors. That is spunk!

If you want to take pics of your dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse, start on the farm. Then follow the cow to the stockyard, and on to the slaughterhouse. That is where you will lose your discomfort as it starts looking less like a pet and more like the item you put on the grill. Acknowledge, as uncomfortable as it is, that something died to feed you.

Wake up, stop being so self-righteous, and pick up a Jeanette Winterson book. She will give you another perspective in more ways than one.

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