Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tangled Vines by Kay Bratt

The pain of China’s Cultural Revolution well behind them, Benfu and his treasured Calla Lily are content in their old age surrounded by their family of adopted daughters. Once abandoned, the girls are now cherished members of the Zheng family. Yet there remains an emptiness in their hearts: their only biological daughter, Dahlia, was abducted as a newborn 30 years before. When their daughter Linnea discovers an unexpected clue about what really happened to Dahlia, the elderly couple’s hopes are reignited. Will their search bring their daughter back to them, and are they ready to face the secrets of the past?

My take: 4 looks
Very nice continuation of the Tales of the Scavenger's Daughters series. While the first book was very sweetly written with regard to familial ties, this book deals more with the dark side of relationships.

The progression of the characters is very well done, with the girls getting older, more mature and their situations moving naturally. I also liked the continuing stories of Benfu and Calla Lilly. While this is a stand alone story, reading in the order of the series will make it fuller and more enjoyable.

These are quick books to read, offer ongoing story lines throughout the books, while wrapping up individual stories. Highly recommended.

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