Saturday, March 21, 2015

Author Spotlight: Hanya Yanagihara

I am not sure if this is an author spotlight as much as a book spotlight, but I feel that I have to write about this book that I have not even read.

The book is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, and I am intrigued, to say the least. Here is the summary:

Brace yourself for the most astonishing, challenging, upsetting, and profoundly moving book in many a season. An epic about love and friendship in the twenty-first century that goes into some of the darkest places fiction has ever traveled and yet somehow improbably breaks through into the light.

See what I mean??

A Little LifeI downloaded it last night based on a review by Ann Kingman of podcast Books on the Nightstand.
THEN, I ran across this blogger review by ShortBookReviews on Instagram. You can see it here.

Here is what As the Crowe Flies says: This book simply undid me.

From Books Speak Volumes: Bottom line: If you’re looking for a gut-wrenching read that will stick with you for months, look no further.

Kirkus Reviews: intensely interior look at the friends’ psyches and relationships, and it’s utterly enthralling.

Ugh! I am not sure that I can read a tome (it's over 700 pages) that is going to wreck me emotionally.

WHY do we read books that wreck us emotionally, then love them?

Please! Give me your thoughts.

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