Monday, March 23, 2015

Best and Worst States for Readers

BookRiot has an awesome article today about the best and worst states for readers. You can read it here. The map:

Best and worst states for book lovers

That bottom yellow state? Yes! Alabama! Finally, Alabama hits the top of a list that doesn't have to do with obesity, low school performance, or making meth.

I love bookstores. I love to go in, sit on the floor and page through books. I love the smell of a bookstore, especially a used bookstore. It is the smell of paper and ink, maybe a little stale smoke, perhaps a touch of mildew, and the hint of vanilla.

The Telegraph in the UK had an article in 2009 about the smell of books as they age. Very interesting, and you can read it here.

Libraries are another wonderful scent-sensation! In a library you have the mixing of human muskiness with the pages. All of those teens studying for a test, senior citizens going to read magazines and newspapers, children attending a regular story hour. Sweat, perfume, bath soap, and hair products waft through the air, mixing with the books' volatile organic makes one fairly swoon!!

It makes me want to grab a book!

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