Monday, May 11, 2015

A word about the dreaded reading slump

I have heard from a few fellow bibliophiles that they are experiencing a reading slump, and it is lasting longer than they want it to.

A few words about the reading slump:

1. Embrace the slump.
My first piece of advice is to not worry about not reading. There are a lot of book-related activities you can do that do not involve reading a book, and every avid reader needs a break now and again. Instead of reading, look at descriptions of new releases, go to your library and look at magazines or newspapers, the latest CDs and DVD offerings, and sit in the children's section to watch the wonder of a child discovering a love of reading. Read online book blogs and see what everyone else is reading. Look at short-lists and winners of book awards. Add to your TBR. One of these activities may ignite your reading fire.

2. Read a book of short stories.
The immediate gratification of reading short stories is not to be missed. While in the waiting room, on the bus or train, before bed at night ... all of these are great opportunities to read a short story. And before you know it, you have another book under your belt!

3. Change Genres.
If you are used to reading non-fiction, read a work of fiction. If you need a huge change of pace, pick up a graphic novel. Shaking up your routine may be what you need.

4. Return to your roots.
When I am in a slump, I love to pick up The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I absolutely delight in the wit and wisdom in this book, and invariably, it leads me back into reading.

5. Read a book about books.
There is not much better than a book about books. To read a story of a character reading a story, about a librarian or bookstore owner recommending books to fictional customers; it just puts you into the swing of reading by association.

6. Embrace the slump.
And I will say it again - embrace your slump. There is a reason you are not reading. Reading is about pleasure, not lists, goals, or checkmarks. Watch a few Hercule Poirot episodes on Netflix. Work a few crossword puzzles. Peruse the magic that is Enjoy the break and don't let it make you feel guilty.

You'll be back in the reading mode in no time!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post! I know that I should embrace my reading slump and that it's okay for me to have these moments once in a while, but it's frustrating not being able to get into ANY book. I really hope to find my fire again soon.