Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amazon Book List: Books 11-20

So, you'll remember that I was shocked that I had read, or even added to my TBR list, so few of the Amazon Book Club books. There were very few of the first 10 books that I was even remotely interested in. Let's see how the next 10 books on the list fare.

11. How to Live in a Science Fictional Universe - Some reviews called this one unique, but most said it was bizarre, odd and hard to understand. Not adding this one.

12. Home Cooking - "Equal parts cookbook and memoir"...may interest me at some point, but not adding this one just yet. Not interested now.

13. Murder on the Orient Express - I am sorry to say that I have read only one Agatha Christie book, And Then There Were None, with was very good. I am going to add this one.

14. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - The cover of this one looks so familiar that I thought I had added it, but Shelfari statuses don't lie. After reading the summary, a story of two magicians who start as teacher/pupil, move to friends, and find themselves on opposite ends of good/evil. I think I've had my fill of stories on magic for now. Will pass on this one.

15. Atonement - While this one is set during WWII, it is on my reading list because of the compelling summary of the story.

16. The Invisible Bridge - "A grand love story and an epic tale of three brothers whose lives are torn apart by war." Again with the war? I supposed war provides a rich backdrop for a novel, but good grief! Not adding this one.

17. The Help - Read it and loved it. Saw the movie and liked it, too.

18. Patron Saint of Liars - Story of an unwed mother in the 1960s. This one is already on my list.

19. Will Grayson, Will Grayson - Story of two people in the same city named Will Grayson. This one is on my list already. Strat tried to read it earlier this year and proclaimed it too weird to finish. I will keep it on my list, but not be in a huge hurry about reading it.

20. Reading Like a Writer - No thanks. I'd rather read like a reader.

And there you have it! The second 10 books on the Amazon Book List. Summary:
  • Read 1
  • Already had 3 on my list
  • Added 1 to my list
  • Not interested in 5 of them

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