Thursday, August 25, 2011

Winter Reading Challenge!

As most of you know, I participated in a summer reading challenge on my Bibliophile book group through Shelfari. It was very excellent and proved to be surprisingly motivating. the core challenge totaled seven books, and there were six mini-challenges, making the total thirteen books. That's a pretty good pace for three months.

And speaking of pace, I have hit my reading stride nicely, I think. I am watching much less television and really concentrating on my reading list. It is very nice to read so quickly and have the satisfaction of seeing that TBR list dwindle. Well, at least a little. I continue to add books faster than I am able to cross them off!

In reviewing the challenge page on Bibliophile today, I noticed that the leader of the challenge is planning on a winter challenge, too! I was so happy to read this!I almost think that I need to start a list of books in the order that I want to read them, but then I start feeling boxed in. And, while I love my  lists, that may be one that I don't really enjoy. I am very excited about another challenge!

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